Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really protect pictures? Yes, yes we can. PhotoPort is all about stopping image poaching at the source. By simply introducing overlays to pictures, that allow people to purchase instead of steal and other innovations. We’re eliminating the vast majority of ways people still images from the source. Why can’t you give me a percentage of images stopped? Because we need the site to launch and do fancy test things, and have lawyers involved to really understand the percentage of images stopped. You mean you can’t stop every image theft scenario? No. But we’re aiming for 99% stoppage. Because of the advances of tech, we can’t know when updates will happen and how they’ll happen. But our tech team works vigilantly to anticipate change and update code on a regular basis. Even SnapChat with their super sophisticated almost NSA level encryption got beat and they had to back down from their claim of never having a message live beyond the snap. So why bother? Because we’re trying, there’s no other social network or publishing platform that’s even trying. Because of the way art buyers and collectors look at images. It’s so important to get out there. Every consulting panel, no the nature of media and how to get art to people, involves self-publishing. So it’s important to have a tool that allows the artist to get work out there while still controlling and tracking images. Not letting your images live in a hard drive is vital. No one’s going to see your evolution or work if it’s for your eyes only. What’s this Pixel Tracking thing? As PhotoPort becomes established and we’re quickly growing, we’re planning on adding a pixel to each picture, so that the picture can be tracked through out the web. This is used in advertisings all the time, to understand customers and engagement, so it’s really easy to use it to track active licenses. Will the pixel be visable? Nope. What are your other plans? Advocacy and education are vital to photography and art. Many freelancers don’t have access to adequate sources of information about standards and practices and valid information about who hires photography and at what rate. So the plan is to turn PhotoPort into an active community, from panels, both virtual and real world events. This of course depends on growth. Why did Alex start PhotoPort? He was tired of having his pictures stolen ever time they were published online, so he bootstrapped the start-up. Realizing that with enough tech experience and a great team. The innovations to protect and license pictures can easily be available to all visual artists. Why is PhotoPort so expensive? We’re storing your high-resolution files. So we need to spend a lot more money on hosting. Also, to make sure we grow, have funds for growth and can implement long-term strategies that help the growth of the visual community. We’ve needed to create a solid product with premium pricing. How fast do I get my money? You get paid on every sale, no mater how little or how much, in two weeks. We hold it for two weeks, because that’s what the payment processer asks us to do. Is the magazine a PDF and do you make issues? Nope, everyone get’s a replenish-able magazine; this is not PDF based and integrates to the web in a more sophisticated manner. I have a different question, how do I ask it? Please contact Alex, on our contact page. He’ll get back to you as soon as he can.